Reap all the benefits from the herbal range presented by Radhika Health Care..

About Us

Radhika Health Care is a brainchild of Mrs. Deepa Sharma, who started with a hope of realizing her vision, whilst embracing all associated risks of entrepreneurship. Admiringly, India is giving a favorable climate for women entrepreneurs. Our female-led business is growing since the establishment, all thanks to the deep commitment of employees and motivation provided by the owner. She along with her team created a herbal brand RHC empowering people an access to herbal products for healthcare, skin care and hair care. Headquartered in the Indian capital city- New Delhi, our company operating as a Manufacturer & Supplier is providing a variety of products in the forms of tablets, capsules and syrup in the packs of 100ML, 200ML, 300ML and 500ML.

Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicines we produce and supply including Best-O-Zyme Syrup, Rekoliv-DS Syrup, Koffcare Cough Syrup, Femicare Syrup, Blood Care Syrup, Ortho Care Pain Oil and much more, for effective treatment that doesn't cause any side effect. Using our offered hair care products, like Kesh Grow Hair Oil and Kesh Care Shampoo, Herbal Hair Growth Shampoo, people can gradually experience the eradication of all of their hair issues and concerns. Similarly, our skin care range is designed to prevent and cure skin issues, like acne. Our range of Acne Fair Soap, Clean & Fair Face Wash and Alovia Gel can be used on daily basis to get the results. The dietary supplements we provide include capsules and juices, like Lycovit Syrup, Aloevera Juice, Amla Juice, etc., can be taken as directed by your doctor. 

Our Vision

As we are operating in a competitive domain of Health & Medical Supplies, we are aiming to overthrow all our fears and just focus on providing our customers complete client satisfaction.

Our Mission

We are accomplishing market success with our knowledge and experience of the nature and many benefits associated with it. We are focusing on the continuous product innovation with a purpose to bring new products and keep pace with the newest market demands.

Why Buy Our Products?

Each of our herbal and Ayurvedic products has many benefits for the consumers. Our assortment of  Herbal Ras, Herbal Oil, Ayurvedic Medicine for Joint Pain, Liver, Uterine and Diabetes, made by expert professionals without compromising any bit on quality. Everyone must try our products to take benefits, such as:

  • Herbal qualities
  • Purity
  • Effectiveness
  • Longer shelf life
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